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Monetizing Your Artistic Skills: Turning Art into a Business

It is not too uncommon to find art for sale in the form of paintings or drawings. But what about art with a business? There are many ways that an artistic individual can make money from their artistry, and it may be as simple as starting small. For example, you can use a laser cutter

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Investment 101: The Millennial’s Road to Success

CNBC released an article earlier this year bemoaning the millennials’ financial woes. The news outlet pointed out that older generations peg this age group wrong. Millennials are hesitant to make crucial life changes because they are struggling with their crippling student debt. This article is written by a millennial for the millennial. It will help you stand


Smart Business Spending Can Also Lead To More Long-term Savings

Given the current state of the global economy and the dominant market circumstances governed by uncertainty and volatility, the notion of risk-aversion and cutting down costs is the expected response any smart business would choose. Furthermore, once we take into account the growing fears of a market correction and inflation not being “transitionary” as many


Ensuring Quality, Hygiene, and Sanitation in Your Ghost Kitchen

First thing’s first: what is a ghost kitchen? The ghost kitchen is not a new concept. Also called a cloud kitchen, virtual kitchen, commissary kitchen, or dark kitchen, the ghost kitchen is a professional food preparation facility for delivery-only food businesses. The idea boomed during the pandemic because customers cannot dine-in in restaurants. Since they

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From Homemade to Commercial: What to Consider Before Mass-producing Your Baked Goods

Since the COVID-19 pandemic was hard for everyone, people turned to different kinds of comfort, including baked goods. It’s normal for people to seek comfort food when they’re stressed. And in the time of COVID-19, cookies, cakes, and pastries became the pick-me-up of many. As such, a lot of people also started their own baked

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Why Record-Keeping Is Essential in Business Management

As a business owner, you know just how important it is to keep records. These documents are the backbone of any company, and they can help with everything, from taxes to keeping track of inventory. But why is record-keeping so vital? It’s simple: without records, businesses have no way to measure their success or growth.


Here Are Tell-tale Signs That Your Business Is Failing

Running a business involves staking shareholders’ money and the livelihood of employees. As such, an owner would want to prevent failure at all costs. Usually, money troubles in business and, consequently, bankruptcy could be averted if the following signs are detected early. Poor Cash Flow Cash, being the most liquid asset around, enables businesses to

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Rising Production Costs Are Eating Into Your Profit Margins

We are still in the middle of a very transformative period for the global economy. While economic confidence has been on the rise, vast industries continue to suffer and find themselves caught in a dire pinch due to the Covid-19 global pandemic. And one such industry that’s been feeling the weight of restrictions and shortages

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Online Banking and You: How It Helps

Traditional banking like waiting in line to apply for a loan, using an ATM to manage your money, or even talking to a teller to open a bank account aren’t exactly a thing of the past, but they’re fast going there. We now live in an era of absolute convenience and instant results- and this

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Sustainable Business Growth: the Key Challenges of Growing a Sustainable Brand

Businesses these days are trying their best to keep up with consumer demands regarding sustainable practices. They want to cater to eco-conscious consumers who are after sustainable business practices and eco-friendly offers. The transition itself can be tricky. But it only becomes even more complicated once you start scaling the business. You will face numerous challenges when

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