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Three Tips for New Stock Investors to Make Better-informed Decisions

Even experienced investors know that when it comes to the stock market, there are no guarantees. But newcomers to the world of stock investment can be especially prone to making decisions that are potentially risky or low on the upside. While a novice investor could simply leave everything in the hands of fund managers, or

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COVID-19 Effect: How Will it Affect the Retail Industry?

We’re almost midway into the year’s second quarter and we’ve already gone through a lot of changes. First, we had bushfires all over the country that devastated large areas of the country. A few months after, the whole world was hit with the novel coronavirus. The ramifications of these two major historical events will greatly

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Online Avenues that Can Help Bring Attention to Your Business

The success of a business hinges on how well you treat your customers. No company or product is perfect, so you will inevitably run into some complaints. You need to send out a message that you care and are willing to solve any problem. For this to be effective, you need professional business call answering services. This

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Companies Creating Opportunities in These Challenging Times

The current global health crisis we’re in right now has caused quite a stir among industries and businesses as they were forced to cease operations and shut down. In light of containing the virus and preventing it from spreading any further, the government has issued a decree that all non-essential business establishments are to close

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Pointers to Effectively Manage Your Growing Law Firm

After graduating from law schools, most lawyers have a dream of starting their law firm. A significant number of them successfully establish their own, but they don’t take long before realizing it is probably not what they had envisioned. A legal service firm requires strict adherence to specific procedures, staying up to speed legal issues,

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Money-saving Activities You Can Do with Your Friends

If you are a working professional, you must be careful with spending money. While some people find shopping very enjoyable, if you are one who works hard to earn the dough, you would have a more controlled mindset when it comes to paying for things and services. When you were younger, you might be that

Working remotely

Working Remote: The Things You Need

If you are dreaming of having a perfect life, would you include working endless hours in an office cubicle with a pile of paperwork? You will likely be envisioning yourself on a beach far from urban civilization and sipping wine while working. As the modern world progresses, companies are starting to explore the benefits of

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Should You Go Solo with a Franchise or Get a Partner?

Buying a franchise is a good way to start your entrepreneurial life. You can start investing in a proven business model and finally leave your nine-to-five job behind. But since this still costs a considerable amount of investment, you can end up deciding between going solo and finding a business partner. Which option works best

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Signs You Need New Storefront Windows

Commercial windows go through a lot of wear and tear in their lifetime, which is the main reason store owners should know when to replace them. However, not all business owners know the signs that it’s time to replace their storefront windows. If you’re one of them, this guide is for you. 1. Visible damage

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Applicant Ghosting: What Is It and What Can You Do About It?

Job seekers are all too familiar with corporate ghosting. This happens when prospective employers don’t get back to them regarding their job application, even if it’s just to let them know they didn’t get the position. This silence on the employers’ side serves as a clear sign that a candidate didn’t make the cut. Recently,

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