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How Modern American Relationships Are Doing

‘With the whole world crumbling, we pick this time to fall in love.’ – Ilsa, Casablanca Although the world is not really ending, this pandemic has surely been a thorn in the side, to say the least, for lovers the world over. With its influence spanning the entirety of the year, you might be curious

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You Can Make Your Workplace a Safer Place for Everyone

Anybody running a business knows how essential workplace safety is. After all, nobody wants to get hurt while on the job. However, work-related injuries are all too common. In fact, the total global expenses of work injuries in 2018 alone were over $170 billion, including salary and productivity losses, medical costs, and administrative funds. Employers and

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Pointers for Combating Work-from-Home Burnout

According to a 2017 study by the Harvard Business School, about 125 to 190 billion U.S. dollars are spent per year to address the physical and psychological effects of burnout. It goes to show just how rampant this problem goes. This public health crisis continues even during the COVID-19 pandemic. A survey found that 69%

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Busting Myths Regarding LGBT Foster and Adoptive Parenting

Couples of the LGBT community often consider adoption and fostering as their first option to building a family. Foster care agencies are welcoming of LGBT parents since they are considered just as eligible as heterosexual parents. Sadly, LGBT parents still fall victim to discrimination and marginalization due to LGBT stereotypes and myths. It is critical to

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Keep Calm: How Managers Can De-Escalate High-Stress Events

Conflict is a part of life as breathing air and consuming food. It’s unavoidable as long as different people walk the earth, bringing with them their beliefs, opinions, and personal experiences. This difference in approaches is even more prevalent in the office, where a lot of unique personalities need to share the same space and

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The Impotance of Name Recall: What’s in a Name?

How often do you go to the market to replenish your home supplies? A lot of people prepare themselves for the trip by making a list. There are others who can get by without one. How do they do it? That may be attributed to sharp memory, but you cannot deny the power of name

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Characteristics of an Agile Workplace for Improved Productivity

The Agile approach has slowly become a favorite among thriving companies, and Agile workplace designs are now the go-to solution for firms that want to have an environment that can improve productivity. Pair this intuitive approach with quality implementation services from software companies like ServiceNow can help any business create a working environment that’s fully capable of

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Lessons Learned the Hard Way During the COVID-19 Pandemic

It is during the pandemic that people have learned how the smallest of things can cause fear and chaos to everyone worldwide. Many people have been infected. Some have lost a loved one or two. The economy has greatly infected, while the government struggles to keep up and keep the people safe and calm. If

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Be More Productive in Your Personal Life with an Agile Approach

Agility, in the everyday sense, is our ability to move quickly and act in an alert and coordinated manner. Often, we associate this quality with physical activity—you might want to work on your agility to get better at sports, for instance. But in the world of project management, being agile is a methodology for accomplishing

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7 of the Best Children’s Books from the Past Decade

The year 2010 was the start of a great decade for children’s storybooks, with some of the best books for kids coming out in this decade alone. Children from 1-year-old up to 1st grade have no shortage of great, stimulating, and heart-warming books that teach them valuable lessons about life, the universe, and everything else in

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