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interacting with disabled sibling

Three Ways to Be More Considerate of Persons with Disability

Through examples such as Franklin Roosevelt, Stephen Hawking, Frida Kahlo and Helen Keller, history has proven that people with disability have the potential to enjoy successful careers and make great contributions to any field. So as each year unfolds, many scientists and engineers contribute to breakthroughs that can improve the lives of people who deal

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3 Tips That Will Help Businesses Thrive in These Times

The streets are empty, and passersby are missing. No, there’s no Manny Pacquiao fight. It isn’t the apocalypse either (though, for many, it seems like it). The Philippines is in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. As the government advises billions of Filipinos to stay at home, many businesses have no other option than to


Strengthening your Business’s Cybersecurity

Even if your business doesn’t have an eCommerce component, for as long as it holds data that is of value to cyber-criminals, you need cybersecurity measures in place. Here’s how you can protect your business against cyberattacks. Educate Your Employees The cyberattacks that do the most damage usually have a human component. ; Seasoned cybercriminals may


Three Ways to Teach Your Child about Financial Management

Much has been written about the financial struggles of modern times. The current generation of millennials are especially known for feeling the pinch, having grown up in the shadow of the 2008 financial crisis and now witnessing a global struggle and potential recession in many areas due to the effects of international trade wars and

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Art of Self-defense: Avoidance is Better than Fighting

Action and martial arts movies never fail to trigger daydreams of our badass fight scenes complete with fancy and complicated moves. Spectators cheering for your victory and awed by the strength and finesse you display. Enemies defeated because of your righteous fists and well-trained kicks. Words of wisdom learned and shared to be remembered in

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Ridiculous (and Somewhat Hilarious) Things People Did During This Lockdown

The world is a funny place filled with funny people. Despite the current global pandemic we’re faced with, people have turned to humor to help get them by. We have compiled some of the funny antics and shenanigans we found online to cheer you up. 12 of the Some of the Funniest and Most Ridiculous

oral cavity

The Other Purposes of the Oral Cavity

The face is the first thing that many people notice. Whether you are with someone you know in a private place or walking outside the busy streets, your eyes would gravitate towards that part of the body. It is as if your instinct is to scan each face to get an idea of what their

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Practical Ways You Can Improve Team Productivity and Efficiency

Hiring highly-skilled individuals and building the best team will help your company succeed. These professionals can help perform business solutions that can address current issues in your company. They can also help come up with effective strategies that will help grow your business. If they always do their best to accomplish tasks, your business will

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Frontmen Who Strum and Pluck Strings, Too

You are never too old to learn a musical instrument. One of the more accessible instruments is the guitar. It is small enough to be portable and is quite affordable. You can learn by yourself in your room watching video tutorials or reading some musical tabs. If you want a structured learning program, you can

playing basketball

Empowering Benefits of Learning Adrenaline-Inducing Hobbies

Learning a hobby improves your overall health as well as your lifestyle. It allows you to practice activities that give you happiness and contentment. Most of the time, you do these things for recreational activities. You play musical instruments, read books, create artworks, or play games. Sometimes, you also explore the outdoors and go fishing,

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