First Aid Training: Is Your Staff Trained?

When you’re running a business, there are things you can’t afford to ignore. Taking your employees’ safety for granted is one of them. Failure to ensure their safety can put you at risk of getting in trouble even if no one is injured just yet. Aside from the legal risks, you also want to ensure

truck driver

Logistics: How to Keep Your Truck Driver Safe on the Road

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the average car accidents per year in the U.S. is 6 million as of 2018. About 500,000 of it is truck-related accidents. The number itself is already alarming. If you are an employer that hires truck drivers, they are your responsibility when an unforeseen circumstance happens. Hence,

Labor Union

Labor Unions: Effectively Negotiating With Employees

Everyone wants to be compensated fairly for the hard work, but in every business organization, there will be some form of inequality. Whether it’s differences in pay, differences in terms of benefits, or even struggles in meeting basic essential needs, there’s going to be some problem that most management teams will have to face. What

brand written on notebook

Legal Strategies to Protect Your Brand

Your business has many assets, and corporate identity is one of them. The brand is the business persona that your customers can relate to. With it, your business identity somehow becomes intangible. It is that important, yet many decision-makers often overlook measures and strategies that protect it. Intellectual property theft is one concern that every


Most Important Do’s and Don’ts While Out on Bail

After you get released on bail with the help of a trusted bail bondsman, it’s important that you know what to do and what not to do while waiting for your trial or interrogation. But if it’s your first time on the wrong side of the law, these do’s and don’ts may be entirely unfamiliar to you:

Lawyer in his office

Learn the Basics of Medical Malpractice

According to the Civil Justice Resource Group, about 1% of the total number of patients can become victims of malpractice. While that is a small percentage, imagine how many people land in hospitals annually. Thousands can still die or suffer debilitating injuries because of this negligence. The prevalence of medical malpractice can vary between states.

Lawyer in his office

Scenarios When Your Small Business May Need the Help of a Lawyer

Most people think that they will never need the aid of a lawyer but everyone, including small businesses, may have to hire one at some point. There are plenty of things that a lawyer can do for you aside from representing you in court. Here are a few: Review Contracts Contracts are binding documents that,

motorcycle accident

The Crucial Steps to Take During a Motorcycle Accident

Getting involved in any kind of accident is not ideal. You might be living your life trying to prevent the situation from happening, but you might still find yourself facing one. It will only take a single second for an accident to happen, which means that it can be a reality for everyone. Unfortunately, motorcycle

woman holding her wedding ring

Divorcing and in Quarantine? Here’s What Couples Can Still Do

As the number of coronavirus cases in New Mexico rises, the state is now under stay-at-home orders. Many businesses have already shut down, and most employees may already be working at home. These changes can have a significant impact on some groups of people, such as couples on the process of divorce. What can they

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