Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accidents: What are Your Legal Rights as a Passenger?

A traffic accident happened in the Overland neighborhood near Santa Fe Drive and Iowa Avenue where a motorcycle crashed into another vehicle. The report says the motorcycle ran a red light at high speed. Unfortunately, the motorcycle driver died, while the passenger sustained serious injuries. If you were the passenger of the motorcycle, you likely

Lady justice figure with couple arguing about divorce with their lawyer and their daughter

The Cost of Your Approach to Divorce

While divorce can be viewed as married couples ending a marriage or calling it quits, it is a lot more than that. There are things to be settled and agreed on, with the cost depending on how you decide to settle the case, the state you live in, the level of conflict or cooperation between

man in the trial court

Wrongly Accused of a Crime: What to DO and NOT TO DO

No one wants to be accused of committing a crime they didn’t commit, unfortunately, this happens all the time. An alleged victim or witness could falsely identify a supposed culprit, and the surrounding circumstances could result in the police thinking that the alleged offender committed the crime. Worse, the court could even formally charge an

divorce papers

When Should You Pursue A Divorce Instead of Legal Separation?

Divorce and legal separation in New Mexico involve the same process, but the difference between the two lies on whether or not a couple has plans of tying the knot with someone else. For instance, a divorce lawyer in Albuquerque will most likely advise against pursuing a legal separation if either you or your spouse

woman standing infront of a judge

What to Do About False Allegations of Domestic Violence

Have you ever touched your spouse’s arm so that you can stress your point or yelled during an especially heated argument? If you are like plenty of people, the answer is probably yes, and you most likely thought that what you did was fairly normal and not a huge deal. However, if you are currently

Bail Bonds Sign in Window

Bail Bonds 101: What They Are and How They Work

When someone gets arrested for a charge that has yet to go through the judicial process, the judge allows the defendant to pay a fine or post bail while awaiting trial (or any other result). Bail is money or property that comes with the guarantee that the accused will appear in court when needed. Because

Lawyer showing copy of lawsuit

When to File a Work-related Injury Lawsuit

As an employee, if you want to sue an employer for a work-related injury, there are still processes you have to go through. These processes are under the jurisdiction of workers’ compensation law. The question is, given that there is a law requiring employers to compensate insurances, what are the circumstances that give you the

Law and Justice

Staying on the Right Side of (Property) Law

Picture this: You’re a new homeowner in Anchorage or Tampa and your property’s up for fence installation. Suddenly, your neighbor rolls up and kindly tells you that you may be violating a local fencing ordinance. What can you do next? Property lines and fence laws vary per state. Here are some of the most common state

magnifying glass on evidence

Types of Court Evidence

The word ‘evidence’ in an investigation could mean information from any number of sources which could be used in a court of law to disprove or prove points. The sources could include witness observation, analysis or even examination of physical items. It could stretch to include relationships between objects, places, and people during the event

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