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When to File a Work-related Injury Lawsuit

As an employee, if you want to sue an employer for a work-related injury, there are still processes you have to go through. These processes are under the jurisdiction of workers’ compensation law. The question is, given that there is a law requiring employers to compensate insurances, what are the circumstances that give you the

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Staying on the Right Side of (Property) Law

Picture this: You’re a new homeowner in Anchorage or Tampa and your property’s up for fence installation. Suddenly, your neighbor rolls up and kindly tells you that you may be violating a local fencing ordinance. What can you do next? Property lines and fence laws vary per state. Here are some of the most common state

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Types of Court Evidence

The word ‘evidence’ in an investigation could mean information from any number of sources which could be used in a court of law to disprove or prove points. The sources could include witness observation, analysis or even examination of physical items. It could stretch to include relationships between objects, places, and people during the event

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